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From Boyd Waters <bwat...@cv3.cv.nrao.edu>
Subject Contrib: Calendar JSP Tag
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 07:38:53 GMT
Howdy all:

I have the beginnings of a JSP tag that will display a little HTML
calendar, like an HTML version of the Unix "cal" command.

Please see the CalendarTag Home page at 


(I was feeling remorseful about the SQL tag documentation that I never

I compiled this into my local copy of the datetime taglib.

Apologies because my little sample warfile doesn't re-distribute the
datetime samples, although it redistributes the (hacked) datetime
taglib. I wanted to focus on the behavior of this particuar tag in my
example, and I would rather work on getting the calendar integrated into
the datetime taglib...At the moment my examples don't refer to the other
datetime tags, although they probably should. The whole thing could work
together byootifully... 

I'd like to contribute this and get it integrated into the datetime
taglib, if that's the most appropriate place for it.

Thanks to all who are working on jakarta projects!

-- boyd

Boyd Waters                                          bwaters@nrao.edu
National Radio Astronomy Observatory              http://www.nrao.edu
PO Box 0 Socorro, NM 87801                               505.835.7346


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