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From jrun <sstirl...@mediaone.net>
Subject Re: Documenting Taglibs
Date Tue, 26 Dec 2000 06:06:27 GMT
The XSL is for the 1.1 TLDs, although it doesn't matter much since you
have to comment out the DOCTYPE line in the TLD for it to work right,

I heartily agree about the usefulness of an <info> subelement for the
<attribute> element.  Could you or someone here suggest that to the JSP
spec group?

Scott Stirling
West Newton, MA

On 25 Dec 2000 07:48:51 -0600, Glenn Nielsen wrote:
> Thanks Scott.
> I hadn't automated the generation of tag library documentation, yet. ;-)
> Examining the TLD and using XSL and CSS is a good start.
> Another addition would be merging in docs for properties exported
> using a BeanInfo.  i.e. If the tag has a TEI class, look for a
> matching BeanInfo to get the properties for the bean/script variable.
> Did you write the XSL for the 1.1 or 1.2 JSP spec? (Haven't looked
> at it yet)
> Too bad the TLD <attribute> tag doesn't allow a nested <info> tag,
> even in the 1.2 spec.  That would be a nice addition to the 1.2 spec
> before its finalized.
> Happy Holidays,
> Glenn
> jrun wrote:
> > 
> > Continuing this thread on a Christmas morn'...I am attaching the XSL
> > sheet to auto-gen HTML doc from TLD files.  Like I said, I followed the
> > example set on the better and more recent Jakarta Taglib documentation
> > pages.  I am sending a build.xml with it, and a couple pre-run samples
> > and TLD files in case you just want to see what the output looks like.
> > 
> > The README.TXT inside the zip file explains a little more, like why the
> > output doesn't show "Examples," "Restrictions" or "Properties."
> > 
> > Now that it's done (or probably re-done (at which I expect Glenn to have
> > a good chuckle when he's done with his Christmas goose and reading
> > this...), it's easy to change things so that the colors or fonts are
> > different.  I added the tagclass to the output.  I used a CSS page for
> > minimal HTML formatting -- that could be relied on more, but formatting
> > nested tables is a pain no matter how you do it.
> > 
> > Best regards,
> > 
> > Scott Stirling

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