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From Shawn Bayern <shawn.bay...@yale.edu>
Subject Re: Offer to submit <form>-related taglib
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2000 14:23:35 GMT
On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Joseph B. Ottinger wrote:

> Also, lastly - note that Struts has a tag library that mirrors my concept
> nearly perfectly. (Which was annoying, as I tried to contribute my taglib
> for forms to jakarta, too, but never got a response from them... and then
> there's Struts. Craig and I have discussed this; it's over.) Be careful
> not to innovate something that isn't needed... although again, theirs is
> more like mine in that it's bean-based rather than request-based.
> Nice going!

Hi there.  Thanks much for the kind words; it's great to see hear what you
think after looking at your taglib yesterday.  (In fact, I just started
this yesterday, so no major work is lost if it turns out I've made an
unnecessary innovation.)

I think what it boils down to is that using beans and Collections is
probably suitable and almost necessary for large, enterprise-wide
applications.  What I've provided, by contrast, is really just a utility
wrapping that's probably, overall, more useful for smaller applications
than it is to enterprise developers.  It's also potentially helpful to
applications that that need a <form> element that's not directly related
to the rest of their data model.  For instance, if you want an arbitrary
data-driven <select>, you can just

	<% Hashtable h = getStuff(); %>
	<input:select name="list" options="<%= h %>" />

and getStuff() has to do nothing more sophisticated than load up a
Hashtable from a ResultSet (for instance).  It's similar to JRun's in that
regard, except that they apparently allow you to stick a query directly in
the tag, which seems odd to me.  I'm not personally a fan of tag libraries
that move more logic out *toward* the JSP.  (But I haven't actually had a
chance to USE Allaire's, just to read their documentation.)

Tying to the request was just a cute idea I had that should help specific
kinds of applications:  those that cycle a page, waiting until it's
"perfect."  It's a *little* more general than that, because the
ServletRequest *is* forwarded to other pages with a <jsp:forward> (which
fact, largely, defines the difference between "page" scope and "request"
scope for a bean).

Since my taglib also escapes brackets and quotes, it makes it really easy
for a developer to prototype a page and/or deploy it as part of a
moderately sized application.

Thanks again for the feedback; it's great to hear what you think!


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