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From Shawn Bayern <shawn.bay...@yale.edu>
Subject Offer to submit <form>-related taglib
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2000 18:19:52 GMT
Hi there.  I'm curious if there'd be any interest in my submission of a
custom taglib I'm working on that makes it easier to present HTML form
elements that are prepopulated with default input.  My library is
reasonably similar to Joe Ottinger's at


but organizes data differently, in a way that might be more straightforward
for a project that doesn't depend heavily on bean-structured organization.  
That is, his uses a list of objects with accessors, whereas mine uses a
Map, much like JRun's; thus, if you've got data in any form, you don't
need to write a class that encapsulates the data -- you simply load it
into, say, a Hashtable and present it to the tag.

The goal is provide a general set of tags that assist in building
particular <form> elements -- NOT whole <forms> themselves -- without
tying itself too closely with a particular revision of the HTML spec.
While JRun's library, for instance, appears to be a thin wrapper tied to
HTML 4.0, my goal is to be more general.  For instance, my <input:select>
tag (corresponding to an HTML <select>, arguably the most involved of the
form elements I deal with) is given the following attributes:

	options:	a Map of key/value pairs used as
			<option value="value">key</option>

	attributes:	a Map of key/value pairs used as
			<select key1="value1" key2="value2" ...>
			so as to preserve generality across
			HTML standards, browsers, etc.

I also try to be more general than existing libraries in other respects,
(e.g., "multiple" <select>s).  My library is, overall, fairly thin and
doesn't attempt general <form> handling or client-side JavaScript input
validation (since I categorically prefer server-side validation).  It's
really just a utility library acting as a macro language for eliminating
repetitive tasks; nonetheless, I think it's convenient and should help

I'd like to offer this to the taglib project -- preferably, if possible,
under the condition that I retain functional "ownership" of this
particular library, dealing with changes and updates myself.

Would that work, and is there any interest in the first place?  Either
way, best wishes.


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