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From Ingo Richter <Ingo.Rich...@Adobe.COM>
Subject Re: FW: Bug in tomcat 3.1???
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:32:09 GMT

I think the problem isn't with the case of the setter and getter methods. 
For the Tag
Handler class it's only necessary to have the appropriate setter method, in 
this case setXsl(String xsl).

This naming convention for the setter (and getter) is originally taken from 
the JavaBeans naming convention that says that any getter and setter method 
follows this pattern:
setAttributeName where AttributeName itself can be attributeName or 

I tried to reproduce it, but I can't. Could you send me your tld and the 
jsp file where you use it?

>Your methods don't match the case of the original tags.  I think you need
>getxsl() and setxsl() methods if you wish to use lower case.  This mapping
>isn't the greatest, I'm afraid.  I can't use all lower-case attribute 
>names, or
>attribute names with dashes as words seperators as I would like.
>Anyway, hope that helps.  The error you have definately indicates it's not
>finding your get/set pair.
>On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Marco.Mistroni@nokia.com wrote:
> > >
> > > 'Cannot find any information on property 'xsl' in a bean of
> > > type 'MyTagClass'
> > >
> > > in the corresponding java class, i add two methods:
> > >
> > > setXsl(String xsl)
> > >
> > > getXsl()
> > >

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