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From Jon Baer <jonb...@digitalanywhere.com>
Subject Re: Installing TagsLibs!
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 20:41:10 GMT
Craig -

Thanks for the clarification, just one question, I can adjust the classpath to
pick up /TOMCAT_DIR/lib but the page looks for taglib tlds in WEB-INF, I want to
be able to use a taglib .jar "out of the box" by simply placing it into a
classpath, it seems that the tomcat web.xml file would be the one to alter each
time one is added?  Is this correct?

I think (as a feature of JSP taglibs) it would be nice if they could be used
automatically like .war files are expanded.  There are cases where I dont want to
install a web application but would like to use a taglib in the website docs by
using <%@ taglib uri="/uri" prefix="pre" %>.

This is just an opinion, it would be nice if there was a taglibs directory under
the root that would allow the .jar files to be examined and able to use right
away.  I would find that 10x more easier to use and distribute to JSP (or better
to say the HTML people) than having to roll it up into a .war file.

Thoughts?  Has anyone else asked for such a mechanism?

- Jon

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