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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <Craig.McClana...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: BSF Taglib
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 22:02:56 GMT

This looks quite nice.  I will go ahead and check it into the jakarta-taglibs
project for you (once I go grab BSF and make sure I can use it :-).

If you would like, I can also propose you to have commit access to
jakarta-taglibs yourself (using the tools described on the Jakarta web site).

Craig McClanahan

dug@us.ibm.com wrote:

> I've implemented a new taglib that enables IBM's BSF (Bean Scripting
> Framework)
> and would like to know how I can go about adding to the Jakarta Taglib
> website.
> Using this taglib users can use any number of scripting languages (ie.
> perl, javascript,
> jacl, lotusscript) to write their JSP instead of just java.  I've attached
> a JAR file
> with all of the code needed (I tried to mimic the XSL taglib structure):
> (See attached file: taglibs-bsf.jar)
> -Dug
> Doug Davis
> dug@us.ibm.com
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                          Name: taglibs-bsf.jar
>    taglibs-bsf.jar       Type: Java Archive (application/java-archive)
>                      Encoding: base64
>                   Description: .ZIP File

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