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From "Mike Cannon-Brookes" <mcan...@internet.com>
Subject RE: Does anyone have a plan?
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2000 04:27:26 GMT
> From: Craig R. McClanahan [mailto:Craig.McClanahan@eng.sun.com]
> "Joseph B. Ottinger" wrote:
> >
> > *nod* Much of this is already done, or planned, although much work still
> > needs to be done in terms of unifying and testing. I don't know about
> > jakarta's plans for this, but we (the in16 group) have tags already for
> > much of this, although database access probably won't be coded by me at
> > all. (I'd rather use EJB for that, but hey...)
> >
> > I'd love your feedback on it. What I've noticed so far is a lot
> of apathy
> > in the development community, although a lot of energy is being expended
> > still on container development - which makes sense, but from an
> > application developer's standpoint, it can be a little frustrating.
> >
> Would you be interested in contributing your library/libraries to
> jakarta-taglibs?  If not, you could sent a URL to where they are available
> from -- Sun is accumulating a list to post on the java.sun.com web site.

I was under the impression we had already offered to merge all code but
noone seemed very interested? Below is a mail I sent on 10/04, to a luke
warm response. I believe contributing these libraries to the jakarta-taglibs
project would be of GREAT benefit to all, but we still seem to be
floundering on the roadmap issue and the 'how to commit code' issue?


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