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From "Kevin Riff" <kev...@corel.com >
Subject Re: Does anyone have a plan?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 14:40:47 GMT
Actually, a Hashtable is a type of Map, which is almost but not entirely
unrelated to List. The Map interface provides the entrySet method which (oddly
enough) returns a Set which contains a Map.Entry object for each mapping
contained by the map. This is a poor way to deal with a Map since one cannot add
new mappings to the set.

"Joseph B. Ottinger" wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, John Kelvie wrote:
> > Joe,
> >     I am using the taglibs that you created in a web system I am
> > building...I am relatively new to java, and I was wondering what the
> > advantages of using the collection versus a hashtable for the select input
> > type is....thanks for the help,
> Sure. A Hashtable is a type of List, and a List is a type of Collection,
> right? And EJB finder methods return Collections, which means by using the
> base object we can support the widest number of lists... :)
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