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From "Kevin Riff" <kev...@corel.com >
Subject Newsgroups tag library -- Any takers?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 17:27:11 GMT
A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion on the JavaLobby about how
to improve the discussion forums system used on that site. I suggested
that it would be nice to be able to access the forums via a standard
newsgroup reader, but of course I wouldn't want to give up the web-based
interface to do it. Since then I've been thinking on and off about what
the best way to go about it might be. This is my proposal:

Each forum would be setup as a newsgroup on a standard usenet server.
This allows anyone with a usenet reader to access the forums using their
favorite software. The web interface should be applicable to any site
(not just JavaLobby) and permit the complete customization of the
appearance and layout of each page. The natural choice to accomplish
this goal is to use JSP for the presentation logic and a custom
tag-library to handle the details of the NNTP protocol.

Some of the tags I'm thinking of are:

listGroups -- List the newsgroups that are available on the server
listMessages -- List the messages in a newsgroup
messageBody -- Output the body of a message
??? -- Tools for navigating the messages in a thread
??? -- Someway to post and/or reply to a message

What do people think? I'd welcome thoughts and criticisms even if you
can't contribute by writing code.

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