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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject Bug report for Slide [2005/11/06]
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2005 22:08:36 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker     CRI=Critical    MAJ=Major             |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor       NOR=Normal      ENH=Enhancement       |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
| 3922|New|Nor|2001-10-02|client acl href principal should be decoded       |
| 6618|New|Nor|2002-02-21|proppatch and rfc2518                             |
|10115|New|Nor|2002-06-21|WebDAV Exception when filename contains %         |
|10301|New|Min|2002-06-27|500 Error doing propfind with null namespace      |
|10869|New|Nor|2002-07-16|'run.bat' error in the client/bin subdirectory    |
|11430|New|Enh|2002-08-02|Mac OSx 'hide-dot-files' filter for WebDAV servlet|
|11527|New|Nor|2002-08-07|Modify DIGEST support for IIS server              |
|11658|New|Maj|2002-08-13|Locking a non-existing resource                   |
|12042|New|Maj|2002-08-26|NodeRevisionContent stream not reuseable          |
|12992|New|Nor|2002-09-25|JNDI Wrapper cannot handle workspaces             |
|12995|New|Nor|2002-09-25|SlideServerListener omits DAV parameters when init|
|14298|New|Maj|2002-11-06|Tried to log into slide-admiin got this exception |
|14836|New|Nor|2002-11-25|Run.sh Exits Unexpectedly                         |
|16642|New|Nor|2003-01-31|Check for 207 (Multistatus) breaks webdavResource.|
|18813|Opn|Min|2003-04-08|SAXException in XMLResponseMethodBase.parseXMLResp|
|19411|New|Nor|2003-04-29|AccessDeniedException is thrown instead of ObjectN|
|19419|New|Nor|2003-04-29|WebdavResource.java does not release connections  |
|19669|New|Nor|2003-05-05|setWebdavProperties cannot deal with relative HREF|
|19791|New|Nor|2003-05-09|AccessDeniedException is thrown in structure.creat|
|21158|New|Maj|2003-06-28|ContentImpl does not follow link to retrieve descr|
|21598|New|Nor|2003-07-15|FileContentStore.retrieveRevisionContent() shouldn|
|21850|New|Nor|2003-07-24|Nightly Builds Failing                            |
|22409|New|Nor|2003-08-14|There is problem in Slide security system.        |
|23493|New|Nor|2003-09-29|Live properties are undefined for non-existent res|
|24357|New|Nor|2003-11-03|PATCH: Fine granular access rights improvement.   |
|24491|New|Maj|2003-11-07|PATCH: Fixes problem in Oracle with properties lon|
|24912|New|Maj|2003-11-22|Seeing only version 1.0                           |
|26059|New|Nor|2004-01-12|Interceptor not called, if slide not default-servl|
|27483|New|Enh|2004-03-05|Request for aclfindMethod() convenience method    |
|27485|New|Min|2004-03-05|Client.g STRING limitations                       |
|27952|Opn|Enh|2004-03-25|No support for BIND, UNBIND and REBIND            |
|28132|New|Nor|2004-04-01|Error while using slide in weblogic, works fine in|
|28139|New|Nor|2004-04-01|auto-create-user broken                           |
|28578|New|Nor|2004-04-25|deleting of the latest revision does not change th|
|28625|New|Nor|2004-04-27|getMethod does not support files larger than 65535|
|28787|Unc|Maj|2004-05-05|WebdavFile.isDirectory fails with exception when t|
|28894|Opn|Blk|2004-05-11|OutOfMemoryError posting large file               |
|28919|New|Cri|2004-05-12|Incorrect encoding assumption                     |
|28980|New|Cri|2004-05-14|WebdavResource List                               |
|29081|New|Min|2004-05-19|WebdavResource.getIsHidden() is never true        |
|29146|New|Nor|2004-05-21|JDOM b10 has removed Element.addContent(Element)  |
|29150|New|Min|2004-05-21|Deadlock while initializing when using two jdbc st|
|29183|New|Nor|2004-05-24|WebdavResource.getName() should trim the prefix   |
|29235|New|Nor|2004-05-26|Resource Type needs method isPrincipal            |
|29250|New|Nor|2004-05-27|PROPFIND response does not handle trailing "/" as |
|29309|New|Nor|2004-05-31|is it a bug??                                     |
|29385|New|Min|2004-06-04|WebdavFile constructor                            |
|29474|New|Nor|2004-06-09|Webdav client does not support redirect reference |
|29590|New|Nor|2004-06-16|GetLastModifiedProperty using incorrect format    |
|29591|New|Nor|2004-06-16|DirectoryIndexGenerator using incorrect format    |
|29737|New|Nor|2004-06-22|href url not compared to not escaped url in Webdav|
|29789|New|Nor|2004-06-24|StatusLine.getReasonPhrase() is not being used    |
|29790|New|Nor|2004-06-24|CLIENT: javadocs for org.apache.util.WebdavStatus |
|29806|New|Enh|2004-06-25|single instance support                           |
|29876|New|Min|2004-07-01|WebdavStatus.getStatusText                        |
|29909|New|Min|2004-07-04|Server should return an error code on BIND method |
|30081|New|Enh|2004-07-13|method to set socket timeouts for WebDavResource  |
|30257|New|Enh|2004-07-22|Slide support for Max DB                          |
|30317|New|Cri|2004-07-26|getContentLength property not being set correctly |
|30329|New|Nor|2004-07-26|Speed up and reduce response size for DirectoryInd|
|30387|New|Nor|2004-07-29|propfind with string property name containing no n|
|30414|New|Nor|2004-07-30|WebdavResource.proppatchMethod return value is inc|
|30416|New|Nor|2004-07-30|No support for optional "responsedescription" node|
|30694|New|Nor|2004-08-16|Classes specified in config are not loaded by the |
|30777|New|Nor|2004-08-20|DirectoryIndexGenerator using incorrect datetime f|
|30822|Ass|Min|2004-08-24|Jars for apache remote maven repository not update|
|30942|New|Cri|2004-08-30|Granting a new privilege to a principal with exist|
|30961|New|Enh|2004-08-31|Encoding in source files                          |
|30988|New|Blk|2004-09-01|Interop problem w/ Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 |
|31105|New|Cri|2004-09-07|Transient locks are not released due to suspended |
|31118|Ass|Nor|2004-09-08|Table PROPERTIES: property value for "version-set"|
|31133|New|Nor|2004-09-08|Cannot support unicode file name                  |
|31196|New|Nor|2004-09-13|error thrown in init() when no namespace defined  |
|31265|Ass|Nor|2004-09-16|filename encoding patch                           |
|31521|Ass|Nor|2004-10-04|2.1 Release                                       |
|31695|New|Enh|2004-10-13|access to the URI of a locked resource in LockEven|
|31696|New|Enh|2004-10-13|Throw events when setting new permissions         |
|31705|Opn|Nor|2004-10-13|Command line client doesn't accept urls containing|
|31735|New|Maj|2004-10-15|PROPFIND do not work properly on UTF-8 encoded URL|
|31756|New|Cri|2004-10-18|Seperation of <store> and <scope> nodestore config|
|31908|Opn|Nor|2004-10-27|hasPermission in SecurityImpl may be subject to sa|
|31924|New|Min|2004-10-27|Slide produces a lot of garbace objects and maybe |
|31993|New|Nor|2004-10-31|URL encoding problems in Japanese locale          |
|32271|New|Nor|2004-11-17|ant tasks fail when uri contains special character|
|32290|New|Nor|2004-11-18|Unable to edit role                               |
|32305|New|Nor|2004-11-19|Bug with get method                               |
|32352|New|Maj|2004-11-23|/actions/write granted to owner is insufficient to|
|32567|New|Nor|2004-12-07|adding table prefixes                             |
|32673|New|Nor|2004-12-13|tomcat5-install task dep with 'patch -i'          |
|32855|New|Nor|2004-12-28|Opened input strams are not closed                |
|32913|New|Nor|2005-01-02|OJB store                                         |
|33037|New|Nor|2005-01-11|UriPath isn't serializable...                     |
|33038|New|Nor|2005-01-11|ObjectNode's vector of children is never updated..|
|33136|New|Nor|2005-01-17|WebDavResource.listWebDavResources() buggy when re|
|33163|New|Cri|2005-01-19|Default slide installation exposes all passwords  |
|33199|New|Nor|2005-01-21|The Report method of WebDav(Versioning) does not s|
|33498|New|Maj|2005-02-10|WebdavResource's moveMethod returns true even when|
|33517|New|Maj|2005-02-11|Tomcat process not terminated when Slide wabapp is|
|33565|New|Maj|2005-02-14|WebdavResource's deleteMethod returns true even wh|
|33567|New|Nor|2005-02-14|WebSphere problem with getServletPath             |
|33639|New|Enh|2005-02-18|Utility classes to aid implementation of a Princip|
|33683|New|Enh|2005-02-22|Import node with content                          |
|34019|New|Nor|2005-03-15|docs/installation.html implies that running ant wi|
|34047|New|Nor|2005-03-17|A request of the LockDiscoveryProperty on a locked|
|34286|New|Nor|2005-04-04|Export from TX XML/file stores to non-TX versions |
|34379|New|Nor|2005-04-08|URLUtil.URLDecode needs array safety check        |
|34515|Unc|Enh|2005-04-19|Recieving a 403 forbidden without a giving the opp|
|34630|New|Nor|2005-04-26|directory-browsing parameter does not accept paths|
|34640|New|Nor|2005-04-27|Bindings lost in copy/move using mysql store      |
|34670|New|Nor|2005-04-28|PropertyName and UriPath are not serializable.    |
|34674|New|Nor|2005-04-29|NullPointerException in AbstractWebdavMethod/Resou|
|34676|New|Nor|2005-04-29|tm-commits=true = database corruption?            |
|34678|New|Nor|2005-04-29|URI marked serializable but all fields in it are t|
|34679|New|Cri|2005-04-29|URL encoding/decoding or accentuaed ressources bro|
|34726|New|Nor|2005-05-03|"response already committed" during LOCK operation|
|34741|New|Nor|2005-05-04|Problem navigation client folder                  |
|34753|New|Nor|2005-05-05|Continuous action on WebDAV server cause OutOfMemo|
|34772|New|Maj|2005-05-06|WebdavState always returns all lock token, not URI|
|34779|New|Cri|2005-05-06|Property namespace and name clash                 |
|34910|New|Maj|2005-05-13|Cannot start webdav transactions on resource with |
|34950|New|Maj|2005-05-18|Copy and move method does not clean query paramete|
|35005|Inf|Maj|2005-05-21|Unable to create a new folder specifying an arbitr|
|35213|New|Nor|2005-06-03|Patch:  Httpclient 3.0 support                    |
|35255|New|Maj|2005-06-07|davget ANT task downloads files with size 0 on slo|
|35339|New|Maj|2005-06-13|JNDIPrincipalStore fails in parseLdapName         |
|35466|New|Maj|2005-06-22|Security system does not work as "documented"     |
|35481|New|Nor|2005-06-23|NullPointerException for logger in JDBCStore rev. |
|35493|Ass|Maj|2005-06-24|MSPowerpoint content extractor buffer flush       |
|35494|New|Maj|2005-06-24|TextContentIndexer indexing raw content           |
|35582|New|Enh|2005-07-01|Enhancement: permissions                          |
|35603|Inf|Nor|2005-07-05|JNDIPrincipalStore needs to ignore case when check|
|35608|New|Cri|2005-07-05|System unstable if file names too long            |
|35693|Ass|Blk|2005-07-11|Cannot Create New Objects (Rev 208532 - 2.1 Releas|
|35810|New|Maj|2005-07-21|Lucene content indexer doesn't work when binding i|
|35927|New|Nor|2005-07-29|use-rdbms-expression-factory does not work with my|
|36003|New|Min|2005-08-03|FAQ references third-party libraries that have bee|
|36026|New|Nor|2005-08-04|Quota Listener                                    |
|36045|New|Enh|2005-08-05|DASL sorting moved into Lucene for better performa|
|36128|New|Nor|2005-08-10|(2.1 release) Everything should always enlist stor|
|36137|New|Nor|2005-08-11|Slide fails when using Oracle and WebLogic with J2|
|36164|New|Nor|2005-08-12|Empty merge expression gives internal server error|
|36354|New|Maj|2005-08-25|Version control method for workspaces incorrectly |
|36355|New|Nor|2005-08-25|Multiple branches cannot be made from a single ver|
|36415|New|Maj|2005-08-30|Wrong cache content on permission                 |
|36530|New|Nor|2005-09-06|MySQL 5.0 Store initialization error ...          |
|36551|New|Nor|2005-09-08|NPE in Domain.java                                |
|36621|New|Nor|2005-09-12|JNDI DataSource lookup fails on Sun Java System Ap|
|36689|New|Maj|2005-09-16|TxXMLFileDescriptorStore vs. AbstractTxFileStore -|
|36775|New|Cri|2005-09-23|Failed to insert permission: Missed Java code in S|
|36938|New|Nor|2005-10-05|Quota Listener - bug fix                          |
|36950|New|Nor|2005-10-06|Add a search type of propcontains                 |
|36981|New|Min|2005-10-10|Unlocking a file owned by another user doesn't wor|
|37022|New|Nor|2005-10-11|Unable to create resources on sub-folders due to A|
|37254|New|Maj|2005-10-26|RDBMS store and Branching.                        |
|37266|New|Maj|2005-10-27|SimpleFileStore - files showing as directory (as <|
| Total  155 bugs                                                           |

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