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From Yu Jie <webpurchas...@yahoo.com>
Subject Have Some Question of Jakarta Slide
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 00:44:24 GMT
Hi all,

    Our organization is planning a big project which
is a Linux-Embedded system and will be sold as
products in the market.
    It is necessary for us to choose a WebDAV product.
>From internet, we found your WebDAV product -- Jakarta
Slide, and we are very interested in it, so we have a
few important questions to ask though some of the
answers to them might be found in your website, but we
are a little afraid whether the information might be
    We will really appreciate your help if you could
help us find the answers to the following questions:

1. What's the exact latest stable version of Jakarta

2. Does it fully compliant with RFC 2518? If it is
not, please tell me the variations from RFC 2518.

3. Is it suitable for embedded system development?

4. Does it support Versioning Extensions which is
defined in RFC3253?

5. Does it support Ordered Collections which is
defined in RFC3648?

6. Does it support Access Control which is defined in

7. Does it support DASL(DAV Searching & Locating)
which is defined in draft-reddy-dasl-protocol-04.txt?

8. Does it support AdvACL which is defined in

9. Does it support RFC2518bis which is defined in

10. Does it support BIND which is defined in

11. Does it support RedirectRef which is defined in

12. Has it been tested on the Linux Kernel 2.6 and
what's the result? Namely, could it be used without
any problem in the environment of Linux Kernel 2.6? 
    And if it can't, what's the latest version of
Linux Kernel does it support without any problem?

13. Which linux distribution has it tested on ? (for
example, RedHat, Fedora Core, Debian, Montavista,
Mandrake Linux, etc.)

14. What kind of CPU architecture does it support?(for
example, IA 32, PowerPC, etc.)

15. Whether there is any other software which Jakarta
Slide must depend on to work normally?  

16. How does Jakarta Slide decrease the security risk
inherent in remote authoring?

17. Does it support the Namespace Operations?

   Maybe some of questions are not suitable, but any
informations will help us a lot.

   Thank you very much again!
   Wish a successful further cooperation!

Best regards

Yu Jie

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