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From "David Keyes" <david.ke...@flashline.com>
Subject Mapping DeltaV to Various SCMs Using Slide Stores - Should I Proceed?
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:27:19 GMT
I am evaluating Slide as a possible solution to interfacing our J2EE app to various SCMs, using
DeltaV as the intermediary.  We hope to use WVCM as the client-side API for talking DeltaV
to Slide.  High-level architecture:

   |         |
ClearCase   CVS
 Store     Store

Our original concept was to write Slide stores to access the various SCMs.  For example, we
would write a ClearCase store, etc.  However, I am beginning to doubt whether something like
this will work with Slide as it exists now.

Here are my doubts.  First, I need to be able to map DeltaV functionality to different SCMs.
 However, it appears that the DeltaV setup and configuration is global within slide.  For
example, when I create a new workspace, and then version-control elements from various other
namespaces within the Slide domain (each namespace using its own store), are the DeltaV operations
(e.g., chckout/checkin) on the elements in the workspace going to get issued to the correct

I think what I need is for a DeltaV checkout command to get mapped to a ClearCase checkout
command.  It seems like I could probably make this work if all access was done within the
namespace that is mapped to the specific SCM store.  Where things get weird though is if I
have, for example, two users trying to access different versions of the same file.  Workspaces
would be the right way to do this...

Any thoughts?

Dave Keyes

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