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From Michael Smith <msm...@speedlegal.com>
Subject Re: AW: Performance issues
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 00:10:09 GMT
Sven Steiniger wrote:
> Ok, the changes are ready but I don't have write permissions to the
> cvs-repository :(
> So should I post the four files to this list?
> Changes:
> * NodeRevisionNumber
>     cached toString(), also boosting hashCode() a lot
>     as String.hashCode() caches the hashcode
> * NodeLock
>     fast compution of lock-id. No longer converting the numbers into
>     a string, then to byte-array to finally feed the hash-generator.
> * ObjectNode 
>     lazy cloning of children and links Vector. The links-Vector for
>     example is never modified.
> * JDBCDescriptorsStore 
>     configurable connection checking (passed in seconds)
>       <parameter name="checkinterval">60</parameter>
>     thus the check-connection statement is not always executed
>     for compatibility, the default value is 0 and the check is always performed.

The first three changes sound good - send patches to this mailing list. 
The last is incorrect - adding an additional hack on top of the 
connection-checking hack is not an acceptable "fix". That problem should 
be fixed properly (which may require a fair amount of work on the store 
- but should make it work reliably).


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