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From Jason Harrop <ja...@xn.com.au>
Subject Bug 3935 - was Re: [VOTE] Slide 1.0 final
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 09:03:57 GMT
Hi Remy,

Here's a recipe which i suspect will work:

- set up say 10 threads each of which gets content (we're using the 
JDBCDescriptor store with Oracle, and the FileContentStore), over and 
over.  The content we've been doing this with is several hundred kb.

- while this is happening, store something in Slide - again, content of 
several hundred kb.  perhaps 30% of the time, Slide will crash.

Note that Slide works fine for us unless there's a high load and at the 
same time, writing content occurs.

Over the next few days, I'll try to write a simple class which 
reproduces the problem - at present, we use a load testing tool to 
produce the problem.



> I can't reproduce the problem, so I can't fix it. For some reason, the
> transaction state in the RM is invalid, but that's all I can say at this
> point. Has anyone else been experiencing that problem ?
> Remy
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