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From Jon Stevens <...@latchkey.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-site/ant/jakarta-ant/docs P4desc.html ejb.html index.html javacc.html jlink.html junit.html native2ascii.html sql.html
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 08:07:14 GMT
on 11/1/2000 11:57 PM, "Stefan Bodewig" <bodewig@bost.de> wrote:

> So I saw the choice to either make a mini branch in jakarta-ant just
> for the documentation and do what you describe or commit an otherwise
> non-existent version directly to jakarta-site. I've chosen the latter
> but am willing to revert (of course) if this seems more appropriate.
> Stefan

Hi Stefan, thanks for the clarification of your reasoning.

I think that keeping things in their own repositories is much more appealing
if only for permissions reasons. In other words, someone who wishes to
modify the documentation in jakarta-site would need to get voted to allow to
commit in jakarta-site, not jakarta-ant. Does that make sense?



commit on jakarta-ant does not necessarily allow for commit on jakarta-site.
So, it would be in your users (on jakarta-ant) best interest to be able to
commit to the repo without needing to get commit privs for jakarta-site.



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