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From Jon Stevens <...@latchkey.com>
Subject Re: To; All the lonley people, where do they all come from?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 23:06:33 GMT
on 1/17/01 3:02 PM, "John Elia" <jelia@711.net> wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience with this one?
> I have an application I am working on, and things are going just swell.  I do
> have one issue.  When I open a certain .jsp page, I get this warning in
> my tomcat console window.
> 2001-01-17 05:54:53 - Ctx(  ): IOException in: R(  + /PLCB/image/ispb.png +
> null) Connection aborted by peer: socket write error
> but the page still displays ok.  Out of 13 .jsp pages that I have, this is the
> only one that gives me this IO Exception. The funny thing is, The code for
> this image
> is part of an include file that get's included with all of the pages.
> Well, it's been great talking with you good people, and I always like to say
> hello to my fellow Jakartians.  If someone has experienced this before, drop
> me a line,
> otherwise, if someone knows what's going on, but hasn't been foolish enough to
> make the same bumbling mistake, clue me in! Else, I wish every one a good
> night's
> siesta.. 
> John
> jelia@711.net

You might get an answer to your question if you post to the right list.

Since it is a tomcat question, you should post to the tomcat-user list. Now
doesn't that make more sense to you than posting to the regexp list?


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