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From Ian Swett <isw...@ispheres.com>
Subject StackOverflow Error
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 20:37:47 GMT
Is there anyway to prevent StackOverflow Errors with large files?

Particularly, I have problems with the following:

matching "start (.|\E)*" against any file with "start" towards the
beginning, and the StackOverflow Error occurs if the file is long enough.
Is there an easier/more efficient way to get everything in the file, or
everthing until an ending phrase "end"?  Or is this a fundamental flaw
with the recursive nature of the code?

Sorry if this is somewhat of a usage question, but I'm concerned it may be
a problem with the code itself.

BTW, I did start working on the ability to collect the locations of
multiple matches for a * operator, and it works in most cases, but has
some bugs.  If anyone else really needs this, I'd be happy to hurry up and
finish.  Otherwise, it'll wait until I really need it.


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