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From Stefan Bodewig <bode...@bost.de>
Subject Re: [Bug 377] Changed - Convert regexp test suite to JUnit BugRat Report#667
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:21:00 GMT
Michael McCallum <gholam@xtra.co.nz> wrote:

>} Take a look at the JUnit testcases for the regexp stuff in Ant
>} itself - we have a base testcase that gets applied to the different
>} regexp implementations Ant supports.

> I will extend that somehow to support what I want. Which should be
> reasonably trivial.  And submit a patch to ant-dev.


When I wrote these testcases they were simply there to ensure I didn't
break anything with my additional abstraction layer (which should be
replaced by a javax.regexp abstraction if this will ever become
reality IMO) and/or understood the philosophy of the processor in

They are far away from testing regexp processors thoroughly -
especially since I'm nowhere near an expert. Having said that, I'd
like to get some feedback on Ant's regexp abstraction so that we could
improve it (I'd like to add pattern replacing which is directly
supported by some processors there for example).

If you extend them, please try to make them as modular as possible
(maybe even more so than what I did) - break them into several
different methods so that we can disable some testcases in subclasses
like I had to do for the GNU RE package. 

The preferred solution would be to fix the processor, I know ...

> If it does not get accepted there then I will just use it locally

I'm quite sure it would be accepted ;-)


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