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From Ian Darwin <...@darwinsys.com>
Subject Re: [Proposal] OO approach to the regexp.
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 02:46:10 GMT
> The code of the RE stuff seems [too] procedural for my tastes.
> I propose a more OO approach.
> So instead of having a program that is made of an array of character
> nodes use java objects > instead.
> This allows for one to instantiate re compilers/matchers from a
> factory with varying functionality.
> I'm not sure what the overhead would be like but I am thinking that most of it would
be in the 
> compiling. 

I once wrote an RE package like this. Preliminary results are that it
was about 10 x slower (yes, a full order of magnitude) slower than
Apache Regexp for simple grepping, and almost two orders of magnitude slower
than Unix (BSD) grep, all on the same hardware.  I may have had some horrible
bug that made it slower than it needed to be, but I advise you to
move cautiously, and not inflict this on the main CVS branch, unless
you can prove that the overhead is really negligible. Mine was not.

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