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From "Michael McCallum" <mich...@spinsoftware.com>
Subject RE: [Bug 377] Changed - Convert regexp test suite to JUnit BugRat Report#667
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 19:02:20 GMT
I noticed you sent the bug to the ant list as well.
Did you feel that the test would be best served when run through ant as well?

I noticed that ant used regexp for the mappers now to ensure that the mappers are goig to
you need a test suite in ant to make sure that the selected regular expression package works.

I think a JUnit test perhaps with ant task wrapper is most suitable and is available for both

regexp and oro to use.

On 22 Feb 2001, at 10:27, Paul Holser wrote:

> michael...
> thanks for looking into this.  i've done a bit of work, but it
> doesn't involve creating a test suite from an XML file--rather,
> it operates on the current "RETest.txt" or some such file to
> extract tests of RE.match().  attached please find a jar file
> containing relevant source--hopefully this will be of use.
> if not, oh well...
Would like anyone elses ideas. Otherwise it just what i thinks best
and im not always right :>

My suggestion would be to send a patch to the list. Will get included and I will change what
need to. But your contribution will then be noted as you have put some time in.



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