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From Ian Darwin <...@darwinsys.com>
Subject Re: a regexp jcp jsr?
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2000 17:25:07 GMT
> In summary, GPL software doesn't count cause you can't actually use it for
> anything commercial unless you also want to make your software GPL'd as
> well.

I too dislike the GPL, but to say it "doesn't count" is a bit over the top.
>> [suggestion about RegExp JCP...]

> Ian, thanks for bringing this up. Let me shed some light on things for you.
> :-)
> ...snip...
> ... It is all complete bullshit, an NDA for OSS software.
> Gee...that makes sense. Not.

> Sigh, my suggestion to you is to not waste your time with the JCP process.
> Over here in ASF land, we make enough of a positive impact on the community
> on our own that for the most part, playing Sun's political games just isn't
> worth it. 

Sounds like a good suggestion.  


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