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From "Sharpe, Cassandra" <cassandra_sha...@merck.com>
Subject Using the Util.split() method
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 12:24:32 GMT

I am trying to split pipe delimited text using the Util.split() method.
However, instead of splitting the string based upon the pattern, it is
splitting the string along every character.  I included a code example
below.  When I split the pipe delimited string, I get 39 results.  When I
split the comma delimited string, I get 7 results, which is what I want.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank You,

 import org.apache.oro.text.regex.*;
 import java.util.ArrayList;

public class TestSplit {

  private static String pipes = "E|1|1|abdomen|abdomen|abdomin|abdomin";
  private static String commas = "E,1,1,abdomen,abdomen,abdomin,abdomin";

  public TestSplit() {}

  public static void main( String[] args )throws Exception {

    ArrayList results = new ArrayList();

    Pattern commaPattern = null;
    Pattern pipePattern = null;

    PatternMatcher matcher = new Perl5Matcher();
    PatternCompiler compiler = new Perl5Compiler();

    pipePattern = compiler.compile("|");

    commaPattern = compiler.compile(",");

      Util.split(results, matcher, commaPattern, commas,  Util.SPLIT_ALL);
      System.out.println("Number with commas: " + results.size());


      Util.split(results, matcher, pipePattern, pipes,  Util.SPLIT_ALL);
      System.out.println("Number with pipes: " + results.size());

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