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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <...@savarese.org>
Subject Re: Is there a bug with :alpha:?
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 17:54:35 GMT

In message <20010725174456.5068146894@lenard.microcelli5.com>, Laurent Duperval
>I don't know. In the Applet, I tried
>With "J" in the entry box and it returns 1 match. If I do the same with
>[[:alpha:]] it doesn't work (0 matches). How do locales affect this (if at

Ok, so that's what I get for testing on my local check out.  I fixed this
problem in the latest development release, but forgot about it.  From
the CHANGES file:

o Added code to Perl5Matcher to handle bytecode generated for [[:alpha:]].
  [[:alpha:]] would compile but not be interpreted.

This tells me it's time for a 2.0.4 release.


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