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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <...@savarese.org>
Subject [VOTE] ORO 2.0.8 maintenance release
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2003 01:39:57 GMT

I know now may not be the best time to have a vote, but I would ask
the PMC to vote on approving the release of jakarta-oro 2.0.8.
The current code base contains important bug fixes and has gone too
long without a public release.

[ ] +1  I approve the release of jakarta-oro version 2.0.8.
[ ] -1  I do not approve the release of jakarta-oro version 2.0.8.

This vote will last until the end of Saturday 27th, 2003 (72 hours
minus the Christmas holiday).  In accordance with
http://jakarta.apache.org/site/decisions.html, at least three binding
+1 votes are required for this vote to pass and the number of +1 votes
must exceed the number of -1 votes.  Non-PMC members are encouraged
to cast their non-binding votes (please indicate your vote is
non-binding to facilitate vote tabulation).


The 2.0.8 release will be a maintenance release incorporating the following
changes since the 2.0.7 release made in January (taken from

 o examples moved to an examples package and com.oroinc migration tool
   moved to tools package.

 o Fixed bug whereby compiling an expression with
   Perl5Compiler.MULTILINE_MASK wasn't always having the proper effect
   with respect to the matching of $ even though
   Perl5Matcher.setMultiline(true) exhibited the proper behavior.  For
   example, the following input
    " aaa bbb \n ccc ddd \n eee fff "
   should produce "bbb ", "ddd ", and "fff " as matches for both the
   patterns "\S+\s*$" and "\S+ *$" when compiled with MULTILINE_MASK.
   Perl5Matcher was only producing the correct matches for the second
   pattern, producing only "fff " as a match for the first pattern
   unless setMultiline(true) had been called.  This has now been fixed.

 o Fixed embarrassing bug whereby an expression like (A)(B)((C)(D))+
   when matched against input like ABCDE would produce matching groups
   of: "A" "B" "" null "D" instead of "A" "B" "CD" "C" "D".

These changes have been available to the public in the CVS repository
for testing since May 2003.  There are no outstanding/unresolved issue
reports for the code.

Daniel Savarese (dfs.apache.org) will serve as the release manager for
this release.  A release announcement will be sent to

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