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From Henri Yandell <bay...@generationjava.com>
Subject Re: jakarta-oro dilemma
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 18:14:04 GMT

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Daniel F. Savarese wrote:

> Dear Jakarta PMC,
> We've got a problem over in jakarta-oro that we need the PMC to help fix.
> We no longer have a quorum of active committers to vote on things.
> But we do have active contributors and plenty of active users.  We
> need to get our 2.0.8 release out the door and have been fudging the
> voting rules for a couple of previous releases, by counting votes from
> two active contributors who aren't committers, in addition to my vote
> (an active committer) and Jon Steven's vote (who is a committer, but
> not active).  This can't go on any longer because it's just not correct
> procedure.  We'd like to vote two active contributors in as committers,
> but for obvious reasons we can't.  Therefore, we need the PMC to step
> in and help.
> There are several, not necessarily mutually exclusive, possibilities:
>   1. PMC evaluates situation and votes in two committers, restoring the
>      necessary quorum.

+0. This seems a fine solution. Neither of the commiters [mentioned below]

>   2. PMC takes over voting responsibility for releases, which I believe
>      is the long term goal for all Jakarta projects.  In this case, I'd
>      request to be added to/voted onto the PMC because I'm a former PMC
>      member and someone from the project should be around to initiate
>      votes.

+1 to PMC for Daniel.
+0 for the PMC managing ORO releases. I'm not sure it's a good one to
start on.

Someone needs to do the legwork and ensure that every Jakarta project has
at least one PMC member on it. Not volunteering, but if I get bored I'll
do it [boredoom is so so rare].

>   3. Project is opened up to all Jakarta committers and those interested
>      subscribe to dev mailing list and participate in votes.

-0. I'd love to get into ORO, but the science behind regular expression
engines is not N-easy, so I think the regular committers would not be able
to offer a lot. I do have a 6 which is kind of like this.

>   4. Make jakarta-regexp committers jakarta-oro committers and vice versa,
>      as I believe jakarta-regexp is in a similar situation to jakarta-oro.
>      Whether or not the two projects would merge would be decided later,
>      but participants of each could take an active role in helping the
>      other project along.

+1 [and mentioned in 6 below]

>   5. A call for participation is made to general@jakarta and any already
>      existing Jakarta committer willing to contribute some time to the
>      project is automatically made a committer for the project.

Whatever :) Worth doing, but I'm not sure you need the kickstart when you
have 2 qualified contributors and 2 committers to pass on the ASF way.

> I'm sure there are additional alternatives.  I'm happy with any of the
> above.

Another is:

6. Put ORO in Commons as Jakarta Regexp(?). End of life both Regexp and
   ORO. Enter the Commons community as a tight reusable module. Though I'm unsure
   what ORO offers over JDK, and what your plans are regarding the JDK.


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