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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <...@savarese.org>
Subject Re: jakarta-oro dilemma
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 23:13:52 GMT

In message <235F239718A5D411B5E20090277399367EDEBF@onerealmserver.onerealm.com>
, Kevin Markey writes:
>Without knowing more about the proposed 2.0.8 release, its timing, and 
>any proposed division of labor, it would be difficult to commit to 
>personally contribute, but I would be happy to seriously consider such 
>a contribution.  Please keep me on the list and up-to-date on plans.

Thanks for your show of support Kevin.  The 2.0.8 release should not differ
significantly from what is currently in CVS.  It's just a maintenance
bug fix release.  I would expect any major changes to go into a 2.1 or
3.0 release path, with the principal feature additions being Perl 5.8
compatibility and a conditional compilation support for J2ME and pre-1.4
JDK's (not that there are any 1.4-specific features included at present).
Other things that have been discussed in the past include a proper user's
guide, a robust set of regression and unit tests, java.util.regex wrappers,
etc.  But we've got to bring the project back into compliance with Jakarta,
or given our fearless ASF Chair's email Apache, release process before
moving forward.  As long as you stay on the list, you'll be kept up to
date on any plans as this is the place they'll be discussed.  Even if
you do not have time to make code contributions, you can always participate
in development discussions to help keep the software focused in the
right direction.


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