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From "Mark F. Murphy" <ma...@tyrell.com>
Subject Variable Substitution
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 19:20:14 GMT


I'm not sure if I understand exactly how this request would be implemented.

Variable substitution in perl works hand in hand with perl's variable 
name space... something where there's not an equivalent in java.

Does anyone see a way in which this might be useful?

What would be the starting point where the variable would reside 
(i.e., the root)?

In perl, there's a scope that any given called API knows about... and 
a way to even start at a namespace as the root.

There's no exposure in Java to access the stack calls (that I'm aware 
of).... and I'm not even sure one would want to assume starting at 
the calling object as the root.

I can't think of a practical way to do this... though I do like the 
concept.... just don't think it translates well in Java.


  Mark F. Murphy, Director Software Development   <mailto:markm@tyrell.com>
  Tyrell Software Corp                            <http://www.tyrell.com>

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