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From "Anders Cederlund" <anders.cederl...@biglandscape.com>
Subject is "\S+\s*$" with MULTILINE_MASK broken?
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 12:29:45 GMT
We resently moved from the REGEXP package to the ORO
package and several testcases broke.

When matching the following text with MULTILINE_MASK
" aaa bbb 
 ccc ddd 
 eee fff "
(note that all lines ends with a space)
"\S+\s*$" and "\S+ *$" does not match the same string.
"\S+\s*$" matches "fff " and
"\S+ *$" matches "bbb ".
"\S+\s*?$" matches "bbb " though.

So... bug, feature?

Regards Anders C

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