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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <...@savarese.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 2.0.7 release
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:53:02 GMT

The +1's have it :)  I'll package up the release this weekend.
I also think it's time to nominate Mark and Takashi, who have
contribued significant patches, as committers, but I want to
ask the PMC a few questions first.  The first issue is that
you need three binding votes to approve a committer, but Jon
and I are the only active binding voters.  I don't think it's
a big deal because the PMC will understand that the project
is mature/stable and that adding a couple more committers
should keep the project rolling along at a steady, if slow,

The second issue is that from one corner I hear that we want to
stem the tide of new apache.org accounts (making me reluctant to
nominate committers who aren't already Apache committers), but then
I see other projects adding new committers and accounts at a pretty
rapid clip.  Subversion (the new revision control system from tigris.org)
is supposed to resolve this because it doesn't require new shell accounts
for committ access.  Since it is finally being test-deployed, I want to
ask about what it would take to migrate jakarta-oro to Subversion so
maybe we can start off on the right foot and maybe lower the barrier
for gaining commit access to the project.  For example, I'd like to
give Bob Dickson commit access based on the discussions from late
last year, but since commit access currently requires a shell account
I feel significant patch submissions have to be a prerequisite.

At any rate, the only way I see to accelerate development is to make
it easier for those who have already contributed to continue to contribute,
so that we all can gradually chip away at the things we've agreed 
on this list that we need to get done.


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