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From "Bob Dickinson \(BSL\)" <...@brutesquadlabs.com>
Subject Re: ORO performance tuning efforts
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 08:28:53 GMT

    I think that your plan sounds great.  I'll be happy to put together some
performance tests.  It will probably take a week or so.  I'm in the middle
of something right now and I have to rework the tests to require as little
support code as possible (right now they use a bunch of our util stuff that
I'd rather not include and will just complicate things).

    Regarding the Perl5Repitition object overhead, with one thread it was
negligible (less than 1%, maybe a lot less than that).  With 10 threads it
was 40% (about 20% in each place).  I didn't verify this outside of the
profiler, and I didn't run the thread profiler to actually see the heap
contention, so I can't swear that the profiler was telling the truth here.
We have definitely run into degenerate object creation performance with high
thread counts (50+) and moderate to high object allocation in our app, since
regardless of the number of processors or threads, Java can only create one
object at a time.  I can't swear that this was the problem I saw with the
Perl5Repitition.  I'll try to nail it down a little better.


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