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From "Mark F. Murphy" <ma...@tyrell.com>
Subject Re: Perl5 extended regular expression support
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:31:24 GMT
At 12:26 PM -0400 10/14/02, Daniel F. Savarese wrote:
>It looks like this first appeared in Perl 5.005.  Perl5Compiler/Matcher
>are still mostly just Perl 5.003 compatible and we seem to have settled
>into adding later Perl features on an as-need basis rather than all at
>once.  I just added support for negated modifiers.

Great job Daniel!

That was fast.... and just a small amount of change for the feature.

>This one happened to be straightforward and only required a couple changes
>in Perl5Compiler.  Other changes for things like group-local modifiers
>and look-behind assertions will be significantly more involved.  All told
>it's a matter of enough nagging and enough available time to bring the
>Perl stuff up to full Perl 5.6 (or are we at 6.0 yet) compatibility.

It was interesting to hear that ORO outperformed the 1.4 regex.


  Mark F. Murphy, Director Software Development   <mailto:markm@tyrell.com>
  Tyrell Software Corp                            <http://www.tyrell.com>

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