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From "Mark F. Murphy" <ma...@tyrell.com>
Subject Recent Patch
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 17:55:18 GMT

OK... I've switch to a pure int[] and renamed the member var to 
reflect its actual use (opcodes for example).

I also cache the char[] of the orig substitution string for later use 
in calcSubs.

Initial storage for the opcode array is 32... which should be plenty 
for normal use.  I just picked that out of thin air... I'm not sure 
what normal usage of substitution strings might be.  It's a constant, 
so it can easily be changed (could also be a param for custom tuning).

Noticed a bug from my previous version... I was checking for in 
setSubstitution for '\' as a condition for _parseSubs... so that's 
been fixed.

Changed _parseSubs to no longer return a value and is now an instance 
method as opposed to a static so it can get at instance vars.

I tested it with our current production system.

Let me know if there any issues that need to be resolved.


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