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From "Mark F. Murphy" <ma...@tyrell.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-oro TODO
Date Sun, 20 May 2001 13:48:47 GMT
At 6:04 AM +0000 5/20/01, dfs@apache.org wrote:
>   +o Measure performance of HotSpot iterating through match input via
>   +  an interface's virtual function versus direct character array indexing.
>   +  If HotSpot dynamically inlines the functions and achieves comparable
>   +  performance, provided a clear warning is indicated that performance
>   +  will be reduced on earlier JDK versions, create a generic interface
>   +  for representing input. CharStringPointer should be replaced with
>   +  a generic interface, PatternMatcherInput should be made to implement
>   +  the interface, and stream matching can be reintroduced.

Once again, I'm concerned about changing something in a way that 
degrades performance or removes working with certain JDKs.

Surely we can put some thought behind the issue so that we can 
achieve any new desired results without removing support or 
performance for older JDks?

I'm sure we can do it in an eloquent manner as well.


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