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From Takashi Okamoto <toran...@kun.ne.jp>
Subject Re: upcoming work
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 02:42:19 GMT
daniel said:
> I've found myself with more free time, so I'm going to put together
> a list of features that need to be implemented on the road to Perl
> 5.6 compatibility for the org.apache.oro.text.regex package as well
> as other items such as unit tests (didn't someone volunteer to
> develop some?), a user manual (I can provide the old OROMatcher 1.0
> guide as a starting point), updated web pages with project
> status/progress reports, etc.  Then it's ask for volunteers and
> divvy up the work :)

I heard that JDK1.4 have a regular expression API. This information
may be heard in JavaOne:

[Regular Expression API Talk in JavaOne]

I think that ORO should have compatibility with it if we could do it,
though I don't know detail about JDK1.4...

One more things, Jakarta-Regexp have CharacterIterator interface. 
It's convenience to process stream. For example:

      RE re = new RE("[\\w\\-]+@[\\w\\.]+");
      CharacterIterator input = new StreamCharacterIterator(
				      new FileInputStream(fileName));
      int cnt=0;
	  cnt = re.getParenEnd(0);

I can't find such a function at ORO. I think that following lines in
CHANGELOG may relate:
o Perl5StreamInput and methods manipulating Perl5StreamInput have been
  removed.  For the technical reasons behind this decision see
  "On the Use of Regular Expressions for Searching Text", Clark and Cormack,
  ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, Vol 19, No. 3,
  pp 413-426.

But I don't have ACM. Why Perl5StreamInput was removed?

I can help other than documentation (I'm not good at English), if I
would find my interest and I can do it.

Takashi Okamoto

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