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From d..@savarese.org
Subject Re: [Bug 1799] (Re: email regex in ORO)
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 11:43:58 GMT

Hi Dan,

Why do you have regex_flags set to 41?  You should explicitly or the
compilation masks you want.  Also, why do you have a variable named
interpolations when it looks like you really mean number of substitutions?
It should also not be set to -1 and should be set to Util.SUBSTITUTE_ALL,
unless you really did mean interpolations, in which case it should be
Perl5Substitution.INTERPOLATE_NONE or Perl5Substitution.INTERPOLATE_ALL,
depending on what you mean and it should be set when you create the
Perl5Substitution instance.  If the constants ever change, your code
will cease to work.  It also makes it hard to figure out what you're
trying to do when you don't use the package-provided constants.

In any case, your regex only doesn't match when Perl5Compiler.EXTENDED_MASK
is enabled.  Do you intend for it to be enabled?  I assume you really do
because to the extent that I can read the expression, it doesn't look like
it would match email addresses without stripping the unescaped whitespace.

If I sound a little frustrated, it has nothing to do with you.  jdb is
very annoying.  I can only get it to work on Linux if I use the jdk 1.2.2
jdb using -classic.  The 1.3 jdb won't work at all.  In any case, you've
uncovered one doozy of a bug, but after getting over my jdb problems
I'm close to isolating it.


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