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From d..@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-oro/xdocs/stylesheets project.xml
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 06:37:18 GMT
dfs         01/05/15 23:37:18

  Modified:    build    build-oro.sh build-oro.xml
  Added:       xdocs    index.xml
               xdocs/stylesheets project.xml
  Set up jakarta-site2 documentation support.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +17 -10    jakarta-oro/build/build-oro.sh
  Index: build-oro.sh
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-oro/build/build-oro.sh,v
  retrieving revision 1.3
  retrieving revision 1.4
  diff -u -r1.3 -r1.4
  --- build-oro.sh	2001/05/16 04:58:09	1.3
  +++ build-oro.sh	2001/05/16 06:37:13	1.4
  @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
  -# $Id: build-oro.sh,v 1.3 2001/05/16 04:58:09 dfs Exp $
  +# $Id: build-oro.sh,v 1.4 2001/05/16 06:37:13 dfs Exp $
   # --------------------------------------------
  @@ -21,7 +21,8 @@
   PROGRAM_DIR="`dirname $PROGRAM`"
   cd "$PROGRAM_DIR"
  @@ -35,20 +36,26 @@
  -if test -z "${TARGET}" ; then 
  -    TARGET=jar
   if test -f "${JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar" ; then
  -echo "Now building ${TARGET}..."
  +if test -d "$JAKARTA_SITE2" ; then
  +    for jar in "$JAKARTA_SITE2_LIB"/*.jar; do
  +    done
  +for jar in "$JAR_DIR"/*.jar; do
  +    CLASSPATH="${CLASSPATH}:$jar"
  +echo "Now building ${TARGET}..."
  -echo "CLASSPATH: ${CP}"
   echo "JAVA_HOME: ${JAVA_HOME}"
  -"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java" -classpath "$CP" org.apache.tools.ant.Main -buildfile "$BUILDFILE"
  +"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java" -classpath "$CLASSPATH" \
  +    -Djakarta-site2.dir="$JAKARTA_SITE2" \
  +   org.apache.tools.ant.Main -buildfile "$BUILDFILE" "$@"
  1.13      +40 -2     jakarta-oro/build/build-oro.xml
  Index: build-oro.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-oro/build/build-oro.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.12
  retrieving revision 1.13
  diff -u -r1.12 -r1.13
  --- build-oro.xml	2001/05/16 05:00:50	1.12
  +++ build-oro.xml	2001/05/16 06:37:14	1.13
  @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
   <?xml version="1.0"?>
  -<!-- $Id: build-oro.xml,v 1.12 2001/05/16 05:00:50 dfs Exp $ -->
  +<!-- $Id: build-oro.xml,v 1.13 2001/05/16 06:37:14 dfs Exp $ -->
  -<project name="Jakarta-ORO" default="main" basedir=".">
  +<project name="Jakarta-ORO" default="jar" basedir=".">
     <property name="Name" value="Jakarta-ORO"/>
     <property name="year" value="2001"/>
  @@ -17,16 +17,28 @@
     <property name="optimize" value="on"/>
     <property name="deprecation" value="off"/>
     <property name="ant.home" value="."/>
  +  <property name="docs.src" value="../xdocs"/>
  +  <property name="docs.dest" value="../docs"/>
       <!-- prepare target.  Creates build directory. -->
       <target name="prepare">
           <mkdir dir="${build.dest}"/>
  +	<available classname="org.apache.velocity.anakia.AnakiaTask"
  +	 property="AnakiaTask.present"/>
           <chmod perm="+x" file="bin/antRun"/>
  +    <target name="prepare-error" depends="prepare"
  +     unless="AnakiaTask.present">
  +       <echo>
  +        AnakiaTask is not present! Please check to make sure that 
  +        velocity.jar is in your classpath.
  +       </echo>
  +    </target>
       <!-- lib target.  Compiles the library classes only -->
       <target name="lib" depends="prepare">
  @@ -94,6 +106,32 @@
               bottom="Copyright &#169; ${year} Apache Software Foundation. All Rights
  +   <!-- docs target.  Creates project web pages and documentation. -->
  +   <target name="docs" depends="prepare-error"
  +    if="AnakiaTask.present">
  +     <taskdef name="anakia" classname="org.apache.velocity.anakia.AnakiaTask"/>
  +     <anakia basedir="${docs.src}" destdir="${docs.dest}/"
  +      extension=".html" style="./site.vsl"
  +      projectFile="stylesheets/project.xml"
  +      excludes="**/stylesheets/** empty.xml"
  +      includes="**/*.xml"
  +      lastModifiedCheck="true"
  +      templatePath="${jakarta-site2.dir}/xdocs/stylesheets">
  +     </anakia>
  +     <!-- Uncomment if images are added
  +     <copy todir="${docs.dest}/images" filtering="no">
  +       <fileset dir="${docs.src}/images">
  +         <include name="**/*.gif"/>
  +         <include name="**/*.jpeg"/>
  +         <include name="**/*.jpg"/>
  +       </fileset>
  +     </copy>
  +     -->
  +   </target>
       <!-- package target -->
  1.1                  jakarta-oro/xdocs/index.xml
  Index: index.xml
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <author>Jon S. Stevens</author>
      <author>Daniel Savarese</author>
      <title>Jakarta ORO</title>
      <section name="Jakarta ORO">
        The Jakarta-ORO Java classes are a set of text-processing Java
        classes that provide Perl5 compatible regular expressions,
        AWK-like regular expressions, glob expressions, and utility
        classes for performing substitutions, splits, filtering
        filenames, etc.  This library is the successor to the
        OROMatcher, AwkTools, PerlTools, and TextTools libraries from
        ORO, Inc. (www.oroinc.com).  They have been donated to the
        Jakarta Project by Daniel Savarese (www.savarese.org), the
        copyright holder of the ORO libraries.  Daniel will continue to
        participate in their development under the Jakarta Project.
        The Jakarta Project is lucky to also be able to offer another
        regexp <a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/regexp/">solution</a>
        for you as well as this package.  Options are a good thing and we
        will leave which one you choose to use up to you. :-)  They are
        both perfectly good packages, we just consider the Jakarta ORO
        package to be more a more complete regular expression package.
        You can download the latest released version from the
        <a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-oro/release/">
        distribution</a> directory.
        The Javadoc is <a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/oro/api/">
        available online</a>. It is also included in the distribution download.
        An online
        <a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/jyve-faq/Turbine/screen/DisplayTopics/action/SetAll/project_id/2/faq_id/27">FAQ</a>
        is available for commonly asked questions like, &quot;What is a
        regular expression?&quot;, &quot;Why did you do this? There are
        already other Java regexp packages available!&quot;, etc.
        If you would like to get involved with this project in one way
        or another (Mailing lists, CVS, Contributions), please see the
        <a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/getinvolved/getinvolvedindex.html">
        Getting Involved</a> section of the Jakarta Website.
      <section name="Contributors">
  	<li>Daniel F. Savarese wrote the original code.</li>
  	<li>Jon S. Stevens is responsible for helping prepare
  	    it for release.</li>
  1.1                  jakarta-oro/xdocs/stylesheets/project.xml
  Index: project.xml
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <project name="Jakarta ORO"
      <title>Jakarta ORO</title>
      <!-- uncomment and put your project logo here!
      <logo href="/images/jakarta-logo.gif">The Jakarta Project</logo>
      <menu name="About">
          <item name="Overview"            href="/index.html"/>
          <item name="Download"
          <!-- To be added
          <item name="Status"/>
          <item name="Development plan"/>
          <item name="Bug tracking"   href="http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/"/>
          <item name="CVS"
          <item name="Changes"
          <item name="License"
      <menu name="Community">
          <item name="Get Involved"        href="/site/getinvolved.html"/>
          <item name="Mailing Lists"       href="/site/mail.html"/>
          <item name="CVS Repositories"    href="/site/cvsindex.html"/>
      <menu name="Documentation">
          <item name="API"                 href="/api/index.html"/>
          <!-- To be added
          <item name="User's guide"/>
          <item name="FAQ"/>         
      <menu name="Related Projects">
          <item name="Regexp"

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