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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <...@savarese.org>
Subject Re: jakarta-oro 2.0.2 released
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 19:00:01 GMT

>I tend to comment in order to separate areas of code.
>Is that a problem?

Don't know what you mean here.  Useful comments are good, unuseful
comments are bad.  I'm sure your commenting is fine.  As it is
the source is missing a ton of comments.  For historical reasons
associated with the original development schedule of the software,
only the public interfaces were commented (otherwise the software
would have been useless to the end user).

>If I submit the diff posting, do you integrate the diff in or do you 
>further massage it into the tree?

Each diff is inspected, verified, and has any modifications made to
it that may be necessary before committing it.

>Also, what about testing?
>I've done some unit testing (and the code changes are in our own 
>production system now)... but how does this thing get extensively 
>tested to make sure I didn't break anything?

Regression tests are on the todo list.  I never ported the old ORO
tests when converting to jakarta-oro.  Someone had volunteered to
implement some new ones, but it doesn't look like they ever had the time.
For the .regex and .perl packages, a good starting point is to
adapt the Perl regex test battery.  For consistency with other
projects, we should probably use JUnit for implementing the
tests.  Also, addressing your next email, we ought to include
some concrete performance tests so we can evaluate how performance is
affected by new code.

>Like if a replacement group int is not found, it is simply no text 
>where as the current behavior shows a '$' and the int value.
>In perl, such a substitution would yield no text.

This is a subject of some debate (the whole what makes more sense
in Java thing), but it's best to have done what you implemented,
especially since you added escaping.

>I also added escpaping (had to for \[ulULE]) for both '$' and '\'.


>I'll make any adjustments you say I might need to make or I can just 
>post the diff.

Just post the diff :)


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