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From Ed Chidester <ec...@textwise.com>
Subject Differences between oro and regexp (was RE: jakarta-oro 2.0.2 released)
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 16:26:05 GMT

I don't know of a place where the differences between jakarta-regexp and
jakarta-oro have been summarized.

But, Let me tell you my observations when comparing jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar and

Basically, the regexp package is smaller and has a reduced feature set.
In fact, the regexp package jar file is less than half the size of the oro
package jar.

Initially, regexp handles matching (and rejecting matches) more quickly. But,
after a few hundred matches, the time required by the regexp package
(especially in rejecting matches) increases considerably when compared to
the oro package.

A major benefit I've seen to the oro package involves regular expression
quantifiers "{n,m}"... The regexp package appears to take _much_ longer
at processing regular expressions that use curly brace quantifiers ({n,m}).
-- Ignore my statement above about regexp being faster in matches if you're
   using curly brace quantifiers.

Things that I haven't used, so I can't say much about:
   Both classes provide POSIX character classes
   The oro package provides classes for awk regular expression syntax

Hope this helps.


// Edward Chidester
// Software Engineer                            MNIS - Textwise Labs
// (315) 426-9311 x232                          401 South Salina Street
// echid@textwise.com                           Syracuse, NY 13202

Brian Ulicny <brian.ulicny@expoundinc.com> wrote:
> Can anyone summarize the differences between the ORO package and the Regexp
> package, or point me to where the differences are summarized?  
> Thanks,
> Brian Ulicny, PhD
> Director of Research
> Expound, Inc.
> 28 Crosby Drive
> Bedford MA 01730
> brian.ulicny@expoundinc.com
> www.expoundinc.com
> 781 687 6051

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