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From Terence Jacyno <_ifta...@galasoft.net>
Subject bug or feature?
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:49:37 GMT

I am not exactly sure if this was meant to be a feature or whether it is
a bug, but when parsing files as input streams (with the help of the
org.apache.oro.text.awk package), patterns are matched on a line-by-line
basis (i.e. delimitted by a new line character).  Therefore, if a
pattern extends beyond a single line (as is often the case with HTML
files), it would not be matched.

If this is indeed a bug, all that has to be done is to comment out line
614 in the file AwkCompiler.java:
        else if(__lookahead == '.') {
            CharacterClassNode characterSet;

            characterSet = new NegativeCharacterClassNode(__position++);

//          characterSet._addToken('\n');
            current = characterSet;

I am presently using this modified version of the class.  However, if
you see fit to include it in the official distribution, it would be much

Take Care.

Terence Jacyno

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