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From Michael McCallum <gho...@xtra.co.nz>
Subject Re: [Test Suites]
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 19:17:41 GMT
On Monday 19 February 2001 14:17, you wrote:
} You could create a set of JUnit test cases and have ant call them instead
 of } creating a specific ant task just for regex tests.  Other apache
 projects } are doing this ( velocity, turbine )

Could do.

What I want is a simple way for anyone to write a test scipt for 
1) A pattern eg \w, \w+, etc etc
2) A set of constants on a class eg EmailProcessingConstants.RE_USERNAME

The reason I wanted to make it a task is that everyone would have it available with ant.
And there are a lot of projects that use re's. Otherwise I would have to distribute the test.

I wiil have a look at what velocity and turbine have done. 

Basically the testing of re is not a project specific thing at the code level where the junit

test comes in but a configurable thing like a xml script of tests.

I was looking at the ant source last night and its using some re anyway. Because they way
they use
it lead very nicely into a testing task I think it would be suitable. At the moment they use
an adapter to
abstract away a particular regexp implementation from ant. If someone chooses to use another
package they
just have to implement the RegExpMatcher class. But how do they know it works properly. Here
room for a nice test.

But I digress. I will have a look at JUnit, I should be using it anyway so Ill see. They code
will look the 
same whether its wraped in JUnit or Ant anyway.


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