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From "Takashi Okamoto" <tokam...@rd.nttdata.co.jp>
Subject Re: [PATCH] [:^foo:] and \p{IsDigit}...
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 12:49:54 GMT
From: "Daniel F. Savarese" <dfs@savarese.org>

> Therefore, the \p feature has no meaning for regular expressions in Java
> and we don't need to implement it.

BUT Xerces-J (IBM regex4j) was implemented \p feature. So, I implemented it
at ORO.
'\d' is included only '0'-'9' ASCII characters with Xerces-J. But \p is
included all unicode
numerical characters. '\d' in ORO isn't so.

> Could you remove the \p stuff and __parseUtf8Perl() stuff from your
> patch and resubmit it?  That is, unless anyone can make a convincing
> case for why \p is necessary in Java.  I may be missing something.

I can remove it. I never use \p expression with ORO:)
What do you think about this?

You can compare other java regular expression libraries here: (use MSIE)
Takashi Okamoto

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