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From "Takashi Okamoto" <tokam...@rd.nttdata.co.jp>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fixed unicode problem and added POSIX expression
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:07:59 GMT
> Perl's posix expressions support the
> following negation syntax which wasn't implemented in the patch:

[^[:digit:]] is available instead of [:^digit:].
However I can implement this feature to add negative OpCode.  For example:

    // NDIGIT means negative digit
      __hashPOSIX.put("^digit",     OpCode._NDIGIT);

Should I implement it for Perl compatibility?

> The [:graph:] class actually refers to any alphanumeric or punctuation
> character, not symbols like Character.MATH_SYMBOL (it's just a poorly
> named character class).  Printable characters aren't the complement of
> control characters, they are defined in Perl 5.6 as any alphanumeric,
> punctuation, or space.  There are other subtle deviations.  My mentioning
> of it is to encourage code contributors to be thorough and check the
> Perl documentation and/or source to verify expected behavior.

Thanks for your advices. I didn't read Perl 5.6 document and source so
I'll refer it more cafefully next time.
Takashi Okamoto

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