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From Ed Chidester <ec...@textwise.com>
Subject Please Disregard Previous: BUG -- backslashing bug example
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 17:30:03 GMT

I'm terribly sorry, about the previous "backslashing bug" emails which I
sent to this mailing list. One of my co-workers was quick to point out the
fact that I had to add additional backslashes in order for the Java string
to contain the correct representation of the regular expression string.

My                 s/((?:[^\\#]*(?:\\#)?)+[^\\#]*).*$/$1/mg  
should have been   s/((?:[^\\\\#]*(?:\\\\#)?)+[^\\\\#]*).*$/$1/mg

Please disregard my previous emails referring to a backslashing bug.

Thank you,


// Edward Chidester
// Software Engineer                            MNIS - Textwise Labs
// (315) 426-9311 x232                          401 South Salina Street
// echid@textwise.com                           Syracuse, NY 13202

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