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From ajkui...@planet.nl
Subject Patch for URL Modifier
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 07:34:03 GMT

We got some problems with the HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier in combination with Intershop Enfinity.
In our pages we got URLS of the form:


The problem is that the current version of the HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier includes everything
from ;sid= up to the double quote on the end, thus including the query parameters. This results
in these query parameters being sent with every request, which gives strange results.

I created a patch for the URL Modifier which adds an option not to include the questionmark,
thus in the above example only ';sid=3d_qhv2M-Zvqg7zoMhHUsR1br6dPzF8KcLg=' is being matched,
and the query parameters are left alone.

Would one of you be so kind to include this patch in the next release?


  --Arnout (arnout@apache.org)

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