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From sebb <seb...@gmail.com>
Subject Notes on making a JMeter release
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:10:29 GMT
Here are some notes on what I think needs to be done for a JMeter release.
Comments welcome, then I'll put it on the Wiki.

* Fix outstanding bugs as far as possible
** Perhaps mark unfixed ones as LATER?
* Update changes.html (this can be a lot of work!)
* Update JMeterVersion.java in CVS (so that the tagged module has the
correct version)
* Tag all CVS modules with the release tag
* Fetch all the tagged modules into an empty directory
* Build everything (e.g. ant distribution -Djmeter.version=2.0.2)
* Check that the test was OK
* Output from the task will be in dist/ and site/
* Create detached PGP/GPG signatures (details TBA)

Need some sort of agreement from committers that the release is OK to make.
Perhaps put archives in semi-private work area to allow  committers to check
the release?

* Copy the dest/ files to the appropriate dist/ directory
* unpack the site/ files into the jmeter web area - perhaps to jmeter-tmp, and
then swap the top-level directory names when OK?

* announce new release on JMeter mailing lists
* get download pages updated with the new release details
** (how is this done? easy enough to create a patch for the page, but
who can apply it?)

Once off stuff
* Create PGP/GPG signing key if necessary, and export public key
* Add PGP/GPG keys to KEYS file - where is this kept? - and to a pgp server.

I think it would be useful to put the KEYS file in CVS once the merge
has finished.


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