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From sebb <seb...@gmail.com>
Subject Changes to distribution archive file contents
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 00:48:45 GMT
I've made some changes to build.xml (e.g. it now generates MD5
checksums), and the release distributions now have the following

jakarta-jmeter-version.* (binary)
- Jmeter jars
- 3rd party jars
- printable docs (used by Help)
- "site" docs (i.e. with left hand menu)

jakarta-jmeter-version_src.* (source)
- all source
- javadocs

This is a slight change from the previous 2.0 releases, which did not
include the javadocs at all, and  included the 3rd party jars in the
source archive as well as in the binary archive.

It seems to me that the javadocs are mostly of interest to those who
want the source, so it seems unnecessary to add to the size of the
binary download by including them in it - after all, they total some

Likewise, it seems unnecessary to add the 3rd party libraries to the
source distribution; anyone wanting to build the source can get them
from the binary distribution, and it seems likely that they would
download that anyway (or the libraries can be obtained from CVS).

The binary distribution contains both sets of documents, but the
images are now shared, which saves a bit, and the docs themselves are
not very large (and they compress well).

One other change I made was to drop the _bin suffix from the binary

I hope these changes are OK?

I'm happy to change them if not...

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