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From s...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-jmeter/xdocs changes.xml
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 02:54:49 GMT
sebb        2004/10/05 19:54:49

  Modified:    xdocs    Tag: rel-2_0 changes.xml
  Partial list of changes since 2.0.1
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision  +32 -2     jakarta-jmeter/xdocs/changes.xml
  Index: changes.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-jmeter/xdocs/changes.xml,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.15.2.1 -r1.15.2.2
  --- changes.xml	3 Apr 2004 00:21:27 -0000
  +++ changes.xml	6 Oct 2004 02:54:49 -0000
  @@ -26,7 +26,37 @@
   (least recent)</b></p>  
   <b>Changes: for more info, contact <a href="mailto:mstover1@apache.org">Michael
  +<h3>Version 2.0.2</h3>
  +New functionality:
  +<li>While Controller</li>
  +<li>BeanShell intilisation scripts</li>
  +<li>Result Saver can optionally save failed results only</li>
  +<li>Display as HTML has option not to download frames and images etc</li>
  +<li>Multiple Tree elements can now be enabled/disabled/copied/pasted at once</li>
  +<li>__split() function added</li>
  +Bug fixes:
  +<li>If controller now works after the first false condition (31390)</li>
  +<li>Regex GUI was losing track of Header/Body checkbox (29853)</li>
  +<li>Display as HTML now handles frames and relative images</li>
  +<li>Right-click open replaced by merge</li>
  +<li>Fix some drag and drop problems</li>
  +<li>Fixed foreach demo example so it works</li>
  +<li>(30741) SSL password prompt now works again </li>
  +<li>StringFromFile now closes files at end of test; start and end now optional as
  +<li>(31342) Fixed text of SOAP Sampler headers</li>
  +<li>Proxy must now be stopped before it can be removed (25145)</li>
  +<li>Link Parser now supports BASE href (25490)</li>
  +<li>(30917) Classfinder ignores duplicate names</li>
  +<h3>Version 2.0.1</h3>
  +Bug fix release.
   <h3>Version 2.0</h3>
   	<li>HTML parsing improved; now has choice of 3 parsers, and most embedded elements
can now be detected and downloaded.</li>

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