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From Takashi Okamoto <toran...@kun.ne.jp>
Subject [PATCH] Internationalization for messages
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 22:20:49 GMT
Hello, JMeter.

I'm a member of Ja-Jakarta Project which is included Japanese hackers
about jakarta products. Well, I'm intersted in jmeter. But
unfortunately, it's not internationalized and we must read messages in

So, I wrote a patch briefly for I18N (jmeter.patch) and Japanese
and English messages (jmeter-resources.jar). It works same befor
appling it if you use other than Japanese locale, and anyone will add
his/her locale (Chinese, Korean, French, etc...). 

This patch works by following procedure:

(1) apply jmeter.patch (It's for the recent CVS).
(2) decompress jmeter-resources.jar in jmeter's root directory.
(3) recompile jmeter.
(4) run jmeter. 
    you may see Japanese message if you set locale to Japanese 
    (ex. In UNIX case, set environment variable LANG to ja_JP.eucJP.).

Could you take my patch?

But I belive this patch becomes base of I18N and L10N though it's not
completely now. We will contribute more about I18N if you would agree
this patch.

 ^^  	Takashi Okamoto     <tora at debian.org>
= ..=	Debian Project      http://www.debian.org/
 -o-	Ja-Jakarta Project  http://www.ingrid.org/jajakarta/

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