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From Peter Molettiere <pie...@santoshima.org>
Subject Re: Suggested UrlConfig Patch
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 16:24:10 GMT

giacomo wrote:

> > 1) UrlConfig didn't support any port other than 80.
> > Often, people run webservers on non-standard ports,
> > such as 8080.
> Which version have you looked at? We regularly test webservers running
> at different ports.

1.6Alpha -- the latest release. Which version are you using? 
A nightly build? The cvs source? I guess the 1.6 alpha release
is a couple months old.

Are you using the default web testing controller and url 
sample configuration elements included in the jar, or have
you rolled your own?

> > 2) UrlConfig didn't support passing query strings to
> > GET urls, even if there was an Arguments object in the
> > UrlConfig's properties.
> ??

What's unclear?

> > 3) UrlConfig didn't support any protocol other than
> > http. (I'm thinking specifically about https, since
> > it looks like ftp, etc is handled by a separate package.
> https is well supported in the 1.6 dev version (dunno about 1.5)

Hard to see how this supports https, arbitrary ports, or query strings:

org.apache.jmeter.protocol.http.config.UrlConfig line 104:

return new URL( "http", (String)properties.get(DOMAIN), 80, 
                (String)properties.get(PATH) );

Maybe I'm not understanding something somewhere... maybe you
can point me in the right direction?


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